Bryerton's curse

Fire and Moon
Is Shia "The Beef"" actually a cannibal?
A simple smash and grab.
Jalos gets taken.
Fall of Evil
Ed. Vil dies.

After a much needed restJalos, Defat, Nila and Fidus are woken up by Jon’Son and Nuun. After a brief catch up Fidus leads the charge back to the village. Jalos ask’s about his family Faleris

FInding out that he wasnt responsible for their death and that they were in fact relatives of the original Bryer family/Eldara family. Unfortunately for Jalos the conversation was cut short by smoke billowing above the town. Fidus breaks into a sprint leaving group behind.

The adventurers try and follow as fast as they can while Nila trails behind.

Fidus runs past the guards while they salute cause a bit of confusion between Jalos and Dafet. Jalso with his hermit like charm tries to talk his way past the guards, Kurgan Ironfounderson instead just charges past and forcing a group to follow after him. After a few failed attempts at convincing the guards that Jalos and this flame haired individual were on the level and with Fidus, Nuun gets fed up and turns into an alley cat and sneaks by. Nila decides that following the Cat rather than Jalos was a better plan and slips through unseen. Dafet and Jalos now trapped with 4 guards armed and ready to attack make a last ditch effort saying they have proof of the corruption of the mayor….only problem is that Fidus was carrying it.

Meanwhile Jon’Son snuck into the village unseen scoping out the riot and taking full advantage of the situation. He sets fire to the roof and vanishes into town hall completely unseen.

After a brief chat with Fidus and the dwarf from before the group set up to charge the town hall and break through. Unfortunately Nuun and Nila are not around to know the full plan.
Jalos and Dafet make their way into the Inn after luckily getting past a guard who was taken away for an unseen reason.

The group moves toward the town hall and notice that the riot/guards all started to work together to stop the oncoming flames taking over the market place. This left a wide opening for the town hall to be infiltrated.

Jalos, Dafet, Fidus, Vrye, Kurgan break their way into the town hall while being followed by 3 guards. Nuun and Nila quickly join after when they spotted the group.

Thats when they are confronted by the Large half orc guard. Grinning a wicked grin puts his axe to the side and transforms into a massive Werebear and killed 2 of the guards instantly leaving one terrified and confused. quick moves by Kurgan managed to distract the bear from attacking his friends while Fidus, Vrye, and the Dwarf are thrown to the side and held still.

Caught in the Wolves den.
The dreaded Pomeranian
With a brief rest Myers wakes up jalos and warns him of a oncoming patrol. Unfortunately for Myers one had spotted him in his scouting position. Though The fight didnt seem like to much of a troubling one. After a few moments during battle a bolt of fire breaks out from behind the group striking one of the goblins and setting him ablaze.

Enter a gnome bard named Nila and a fire genoshi Defet.

With the goblins defeated the group look around for their friend/brother Myers. He vanished from sight and no where to be seen. Kurgan decide to go searching for him, unfortunately in the wrong direction.

Now Jalos, Nila and Dafet are all thats left of the once large party to find Fidus. Determined they set off into the woods tracking what they could. They catch onto Kurgans tracks and run into a clearing where there was obviously a fight taking place. Nila with her keen senses picks the right direction to follow and takes charge leading the 3 into a clearing and a cabin of an old lady and her dreaded Pomeranian pup. Giving the group a warning she locks herself into her cabin telling NIla and Jalos to go away. Meanwhile Dafet sneaks around the house and peaking inside.

Luckily Jalos had keen senses and noticed 2 figures in the woods and calls them out. From the trees a giant wolf man stands above the 2 very squishy people. Using his faith and determination of Apollo Jalos manages to hold off the werewolf until Dafet sets him on fire scaring him away. This led for an opportunity for the second werewolf to jump and and take over where the last was.

Dafet and Jalos were ready for him, catching him on fire and burning him with holy righteousness and furious anger. Jalos puts his hand under the jaw of the werewolf and calls apon Apollo one more time bringing holy flame down through his skull and slaying the beast.

With the threat gone the team break into the cabin and hear screaming down below. Not one for patience (or checking for traps/magic) Jalos opens the trap door letting off a arcane explosion. If this was his only folly on this trip it would be enough but he did not know of the terrifying task awaiting him below.

Nila sneaks in, invisible to the eye and scouts the lower area of the cabin. She sees a man tied up being threatened by the old woman and an unconscious person in a cage. She informs the group and they charge down. The old woman sees them and transforms into a large grey werewolf. Jalos not one to run from a fight directs his attention to the fearful and mighty Pomeranian pup while the other two take on the feeble old lycanthrope. Some quick thinking and lucky lock picking Nila manages to free the man who runs over and grabs his hammer calling onto the White wolf and strikes some mighty blows.

Jalos fearing for his friends life focus’ on the terrifying creature known only to him as “Hey theres a cute dog”. Swing after swing this fearsome foe dodges attacks with the quickness of a demon spawn. Finally he lands a critical hit upon the beast and it shrugs if off as if its fur were made of pure steel.

Meanwhile Dafet and Fidus are bringing down the fire upon the mother werewolf eventually scaring her off. even Nila the tiny gnome managed to get a few cuts in. As the grey wolf runs Nila notices the true threat in the room, the tiny Pomeranian, and goes in for a nasty “poke” with her sword felling the terrible beast with a single blow.

Fidus runs up after the Grey wolf and quickly runs back informing the group that another has joined. Dafet gives a worrying glance at his companions. Fidus says “do what you must” he nods and casts the cavern ablaze burning all in its path, the werewolf and Fidus.

Jalos tired yet not beaten runs up to face the wolf head on beside Dafet. The wolf more afraid of his mother than he is of the 2 strangers strikes out and knocks out Dafet though briefly. Quick thinking and quick heals Jalos brings Dafet back to his feet while FIdus crushes the Mother wolfs skull under his hammer;.

The companions try to interrogate the remaining werewolf who has now reverted back to his human form. They gather a bit of information though was cut short by Fidus’ hammer coming down on the man.

Searching the room and finding a asleep Kurgan the group rest for the night and heal their wounds

Beating a dead horse.
The search for Fidus

As our group show up to the inn and bargains with Vrye for a price to save Fidus they are introduced to 3 new people to join in their quest. They were interrupted by young looking dwarf who dragged Vrye off to the town centre. Following the man who gave the mission the group follow to see their once brief companion hanging from a tree. This was the first time they encounter the Mayor Ed Vil. After the body was desecrated by the town and an enraged Vrye left back to his Inn, Nuun goes to say a prayer for the recently fallen Faleris. This unfortunately was not taken kindly by the guards which eventually led to a thick fog covering the immediate area. Some smooth talking by Myers got them out of the bad situation and later moving to the Inn. Unfortunately for Jon’son he tried to bring his horse into a very angry Vryes inn leading to the horse getting knocked out on the door step.

The group gathered and headed toward the farmland to track the last known area for Fidus. Jon’Son though was more looking for his horse who he had a brief altercation with outside the inn leading to him running off yelling “FUCK YOU” in horse. This of course was only understood by the ranger who was using his speak with animals spell.

Myers unknown by his crew leaves a note given to him during the night on the mayors town hall door. Being from the Deaths Grip it caused immediate shock among the guards there leading to the town hall bell ringing.

The group inspects a few areas leading them into the woods. A few hours in they encountered a goblin party. The party was small and not much of a problem for the group until a Ogre. Some quick taunting by Kuroga and some deft blows from Nuun the ogre was felled.

After the battle Nuun caught a scent and ran off into the night. Jon’Son decided to track after her leaving the group. Matic seeing battle for the first time and came very close to death vanishes from sight and hasnt been seen since. Jalos, Kurogan and Myers set up camp and stay for the night to rest.

Music in the Market place
Death of Faleris

The new party consisting of Kurogan, Jalos, Myers and (insert sebs characters name) meet up in the market place to gather gear and provisions. New mercenaries they are in search for a job to do.

After some great flute work done by * Myers (after swiping some much needed gear) spots someone watching them from afar. With the help of Kurogan they capture the woman and find out that she had been asked to recruit them for a very important mission. Her and Kurogan have a drinking match where both of them end up losing at the same time. Myers uses this opportunity to take this woman to a secluded room and ask her some more questions.

Unknown by the other party he kills her and disguises himself as her to escape the scene.

Meanwhile Jalos **** and Kurogan start a bar fight by angering the guards and barkeep. jalos leaves unscathed and the group head for the gates learning that the barkeep was part of the Deaths Grip mentioned by Faleris. They leave the city and go to Bryerton to track down this Vrye person she mentioned before she vanished from the group. Going to the first in they meet Vrye and after a harried/worried conversation are given a quest to rescue a very important person Fidus.


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