The Do Nald


Wealthy and charismatic man who runs most of the lavish realstate in the Halls of Tardon and Porton(cant remember)

Recently pushing to take over Emissary rule between the towns since the last one has decided to step down for unknown reasons. Wanting to bring trade back to The Halls of Tardon and make the city great again. He also plans on blocking off immigrants from El’dara and Valera, since they always bring rapists, thieves and murders although he is sure that some of them may be nice people.

He has a pretty strong riding with the rich and xenophobic dwarves and may well push his way into leading this role.


Grew up his whole life in the Halls of Tardon and continues to thrive there. Says that people love him and he clearly is the best business man around even though he earned and lost his riches from his family. Managed to get them back through a bit of sly “buisiness work”

The Do Nald

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