Bryerton's curse

Fall of Evil

Ed. Vil dies.

After a much needed restJalos, Defat, Nila and Fidus are woken up by Jon’Son and Nuun. After a brief catch up Fidus leads the charge back to the village. Jalos ask’s about his family Faleris

FInding out that he wasnt responsible for their death and that they were in fact relatives of the original Bryer family/Eldara family. Unfortunately for Jalos the conversation was cut short by smoke billowing above the town. Fidus breaks into a sprint leaving group behind.

The adventurers try and follow as fast as they can while Nila trails behind.

Fidus runs past the guards while they salute cause a bit of confusion between Jalos and Dafet. Jalso with his hermit like charm tries to talk his way past the guards, Kurgan Ironfounderson instead just charges past and forcing a group to follow after him. After a few failed attempts at convincing the guards that Jalos and this flame haired individual were on the level and with Fidus, Nuun gets fed up and turns into an alley cat and sneaks by. Nila decides that following the Cat rather than Jalos was a better plan and slips through unseen. Dafet and Jalos now trapped with 4 guards armed and ready to attack make a last ditch effort saying they have proof of the corruption of the mayor….only problem is that Fidus was carrying it.

Meanwhile Jon’Son snuck into the village unseen scoping out the riot and taking full advantage of the situation. He sets fire to the roof and vanishes into town hall completely unseen.

After a brief chat with Fidus and the dwarf from before the group set up to charge the town hall and break through. Unfortunately Nuun and Nila are not around to know the full plan.
Jalos and Dafet make their way into the Inn after luckily getting past a guard who was taken away for an unseen reason.

The group moves toward the town hall and notice that the riot/guards all started to work together to stop the oncoming flames taking over the market place. This left a wide opening for the town hall to be infiltrated.

Jalos, Dafet, Fidus, Vrye, Kurgan break their way into the town hall while being followed by 3 guards. Nuun and Nila quickly join after when they spotted the group.

Thats when they are confronted by the Large half orc guard. Grinning a wicked grin puts his axe to the side and transforms into a massive Werebear and killed 2 of the guards instantly leaving one terrified and confused. quick moves by Kurgan managed to distract the bear from attacking his friends while Fidus, Vrye, and the Dwarf are thrown to the side and held still.


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